2019-2020 SBA Dues Payment

It's that time of year again – time to pay your SBA dues! This money goes directly back to students through:

  • Discounts and perks at SBA’s 50+ events held throughout the school year, including reduced-price tickets to Barrister’s Ball and the UCLA v. USC Supreme Court Basketball Game, and a free entry in the Faculty Raffle;
  • Wellness events and resources, including therapy dogs, mini-ponies, and massage chairs during finals;
  • Free food and beverages at social events, including our regular Lawn and Order gatherings in the courtyard;
  • Funding for student scholarships, including our 1L Leadership Scholarships and 3L/LLM Bar Preparation Scholarships;
  • Helping SBA grant funding to the dozens of student organizations and journals on campus;
  • And much more!

Don't forget that SBA dues are a one-time payment that will cover you for the remainder of your law school career; for example, paying as a 1L and then attending Barrister’s every year entitles to you to $30 in savings on your tickets to the law school’s premiere social event! SBA dues are $45 for 1Ls, $30 for 2Ls (including transfer students), and only $15 for 3Ls and LLMs.

If you think that you might have paid your SBA dues already or have any other questions, feel free to email David Polyakov, your SBA Treasurer, at polyakov2021@lawnet.ucla.edu!

Don’t hesitate, pay your SBA dues now!


Note: Your personal information will never be shared with any advertiser or other third parties.