Cyber Crimes Moot Court Competition Registration Form

Cyber Crimes Moot Court Competition Registration Form

Please fill out one Registration Form per team.

*NOTE: Registration is based on submitting a registration form on a first come, first served basis. Each school is limited to two teams, with two competitors per team. Students not part of their school's Moot Court program are eligible to compete as an unaffiliated team. There is no limit to the number of unaffiliated teams a school may have, except that the total competition is limited to 36 teams and preference will be given to schools that have not yet filled their 2-team allotment. Checks must be received within a reasonable amount of time after submitting the registration form or your spot may be given to a team on the waitlist.

Terms and Conditions
All entrants into the UCLA Cyber Crimes Moot Court Competition agree to be bound by the Official Rules of the Competition. Upon receipt of this Registration Form and Entry Fee, the UCLA Moot Court Honors Program Board will assign your team an Official Competition Number and will assign each team member an Advocate Number via email. Petitioner/Respondent positions will also be assigned via email for brief writing. In oral argument, each team will argue both the Petitioner and Respondent position once each. The Competition Problem will be released to all registered teams via email upon registration. No problem will be released and no registration will be accepted after the Registration Deadline (January 1, 2015) except upon written approval of the VP of Cyber Crimes. For the procedures to follow after the Competition Problem has been released, please refer to both the Official Rules and the competition page located at the following website:

Please provide the following information
Team Member 1
Team Member 2
Team Coach

Total registration fee: $300