UCLA-LoPucki Bankruptcy Research Database (BRD)

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Eligibility. To be eligible, the requester must
(1) be affiliated with a university, government agency, or not-for-profit organization,
(2) provide both a university or agency email address and a URL showing the requester's affiliation with the university or agency,
(3) identify the research project, and
(4) intend to publish the results.

Completing this form registers your project for inclusion on the BRD website. During the year after you purchase an initial copy of the Cases table ($245), you are eligible to purchase updated copies of the Cases table ($45) as they become available (monthly). After you submit your credit card information, you will receive confirmation of your order. Orders submitted weekdays 7:00am – 4:00pm PST are filled within one business day by emailing a copy of the Cases table and documentation.

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An "Update" is a copy of an edition of the BRD published during the year after purchase of the initial copy.
Because funding for the BRD is precarious, we cannot guarantee that updates will be available.

Terms and Conditions of Use
  1. Consent to disclosure. The BRD may publish the above information on this website, except the email address and the brief description of the research paper. The consent does include, however, publication of a very brief summary of the area of the research project, such as "stock prices during bankruptcy," "363 sales," or "board turnover."
  2. Non-disclosure. Requester will not disclose the database or data from the database to any person who has not consented to these conditions of use, except as otherwise provided below. Requester may disclose the database or data to a co-researcher or research assistant, but only for the purpose of the requesting individual's research and only if that person first agrees not to disclose the database or data to any other person.
  3. Scope of authorization. Requester will use the data only in connection with the research project described.
  4. Acknowledgement. Requester will acknowledge the “UCLA-LoPucki Bankruptcy Research Database,” by that or equivalent language, as a data source in any publication based in whole or in part on BRD data.
  5. Publication of data. Requester may publish all or any portion of the data in any article published in an academic journal that regularly publishes research by university professors. In addition, the requesting individual may publish, by web posting, only that portion of the data necessary to reproduce the research results.
  6. Email contact. Requester opts-into and consents to email contact from the BRD. Requester will have the opportunity to opt out of further contact on any email requester receives from the BRD

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